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Quality policy

The purpose of the Company is:

to offer to the healthcare product market a comfortable and appropriate logistics support.


Top-management of the company ensures that:

  1. The organization has implemented a Quality management system.
  2. Quality management system settles performance indicators for the key activities as well as other quality objectives (fixed in Quality Agreements, quality standards and good practices, and consumer demands & expectations) and provides systematic monitoring and reviewing.
  3. Effectiveness of the Quality management system shall be continuously improved based on the feedback knowledge from the internal audits, benchmarking against market, consumer demands and expectations, clients claims, standards and good practices and other sources of information.
  4. Sufficient resources to support continuous performance improvement by developing certain capabilities and competencies in response to changing consumer demands and expectations shall be provided.
  5. The Quality Policy shall be reviewed for continuing suitability by the Top-management.




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